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My Hubby & Me

My Hubby & Me

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tin Can Love Mini Album


Here is another little tin can mini that I made for my sister. It is a love theme mini...I just love the papers in this mini they are so cute. The tin can came from one of the prima flower tin can that can be purchase at Michaels. It is a good way to recycle things. Most of the embellishments are from primas...I also used stickles on the flowers, and various of blings. The die cuts that I did are from my big shot. I used the flower tag die, circle #2 and scallop tag combo tag die. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank you.


  1. Neat tutorials. Thanks for all the info

    Unique Eutopia on swapbot

  2. that's so creative and lovely, wish I was crafty!

    strandedhero @ swapbot

  3. Wolfeagle says: So cute! And good photos. Thanks for participating in the Blog Me, Baby swap.

  4. What a great idea! LADYHIGHTOWER Swap-Bot Blog Me, Baby!

  5. Those are adorable :)

    (rumblegirl from Swap-Bot)

  6. Very cute tin. I especially like the bird pattern. Blog me Baby on Swapbot - Deidreart


  7. me again glendas from swap bot,.really love this scrapbook its so pretty

  8. Your mini-albums are AWESOME! I've been making a few lately myself as most of my scrapping stash is still in England (waiting to follow me to France). Perhaps I'll post one on my blog today - you could hop on over and have a look at it and laugh your head off because yours are so much better than mine!!!

    Scissors, Paper, Peace and Love!

    Filpot @ swapbot

  9. That's so cute, and I love the idea behind it! That mini album is adorable. You know I have a few notebooks lying around and have been wondering what to do with them. You have just inspired me to create something like this! Some of these notebooks are old calendars, so this is a good idea to replace the pages with some sort of embeleshment to make way for a photo. Thanks so much! Ana Goncalves from swap-bot, blog me baby.

  10. Cute!

    SB- blog me , baby swap.


  11. Wow that tin can scrapbook idea is great!!

  12. That is so neat! I should try my hand at one of those! :)


  13. This is so cute! (homekeepingheather from Swap-bot for the Blog Me Baby swap)

  14. you do BEAUTIFUL work...lots of time and love put into it :)

    april-rainbowafterrain81 blog me, baby swap

  15. Absolutely lovely!!!

    MagicNorth from Blog Me Baby

  16. Lovely and inspiring work. You two are such a cute couple! Keep the love.

    peace & love,
    Ariel17/Swap-Bot/Blog Me, Baby

  17. That is truly something pretty to look at, puts my scrapbook to shame!
    (swap-bot blog me, baby Swap)

  18. im like 2.5mths late in adding a comment for this post but i think it's amazing that you have created something so gorgeous like this! i can only wish that i have the determination and creativity to do something like that too.