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Hello! Everyone, I work full time @ a Senior Home, but love to craft and scrapbook when I have the time. I love the feeling I get when I complete a projects, that is why I enjoyed scrap booking so much. I also, love to go shopping! I can't get over prima flowers and all the pretty papers.

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My Hubby & Me

My Hubby & Me

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tin can mini mini album

Here is a mini mini album that I made and fits nicely into this mini tin can. I got this inspiration and idea from a fellow blogger and youtuber named Arlene and her youtube channel is mybutterflykisses12. This is a very easy and fun mini to make as it take less time to make it. This is also a good way to use all your scrap paper and is also a very fun and nice gift for anyone or for yourself.


  1. lovely blog and happy to follow you, my name is glendas on swapbot.,wow your work is truely lovel,. have a great week, love from Glenda

  2. Holy crap you're adorable, and your album is adorable. /swoon at the cuteness! This is TheMuseFactory from swap-bot and quite happily following you!

  3. Hi! This is mbkufen from swap-bot... Your mini albums are adorable! Looking forward to following your blog...

  4. Love your mini mini. Can't wait to browse around some more. I am here from Swap-Bot.

  5. (This is beth619 popping in from Swap-Bot)
    What a clever idea! I keep complaining that I don't have enough time to do scrapbooking (I have a 7-year old and an 8-week old keeping me pretty busy!). But I bet I could create a mini album, with a little time and a little patience! Yours is SO cute! Thanks for the great idea. I look forward to seeing more!

  6. Hi, this is Emily Elise Bee from swap bot! I love the idea of a tin can scrapbook. I have so many unfinished scrapbooks, many if I made them smaller I could actually finish them!

  7. Hi, this is Linda from the Swap Bot blogger swap. Like your creative ideas for kits, keep up the creativity!

  8. It's a nice photo album. By the way, your kit is beautiful, too.
    papacancan from Be my blog follower on BLOGGER 2

  9. Stacy, I really like this project. Do you know about the Yahoo Mini-books group? It's a fun place to do swaps and play with mini's.
    I"m following now. Would you follow on my blogs as well?
    Coleen Franks, Swap-Bot, Want More Followers

  10. I love all the cute little projects you've got on here!I will have to come back and explore some more.
    Carly4peace now following you via swap-bot!

  11. Hmm, definitly think I'll give this a try. Adorable. Sweet. And perfect size.

    [roosterruler w/ swap-bot]